Our History

Founded in Brazil in 2006, Control Quality has become a company guided by development cycles. Control Quality’s entry and consolidation cycle in the segment of testing, inspection and certification of agricultural goods goes back to its active contribution to a sustainable remodelling of the Brazilian organic sugar certification scheme for export and international human consumption.

Since then, the cycle of consolidation, recognition and internationalisation of our brand would soon enable (a) the incorporation of amorphous sugar, white sugar, raw sugar, vitaminised sugar, cotton, cereals, biofuels, oilseeds and by-products to our portfolio of certifiable goods and (b) and in 2021 the fumigation to our portfolio of control services, making Control Quality the fastest growing superintendence company in Brazil in 15 years of existence.

Today, as we go through the cycle of achieving our global presence, Control Quality continues to be a 100% Brazilian company that tests, inspects, certifies and now fumigates agricultural commodities while constantly upholding its commitment to assertiveness, traceability and impartiality of its results.


Our mission is to offer testing, inspection, fumigation and certification services with a high standard of quality and ensure customer satisfaction with innovative and creative ideas thereby exceeding their expectations.


Our vision is to be a reference in the testing, inspections, fumigation and certication segment and recognized for the quality, reliability and agility in providing services.


• Quality
• Ethics
• Teamwork
• Equality
• Respect

Declaration of Impartiality and Confidentiality

  • Control Quality declares that:

    • the certification activity as well as its subsidiary activities carried out by the company are carried out in a non-discriminatory manner, ensuring the absence of any conditioning or impeding circumstances of its total impartiality;
    • acts on behalf of persons or entities from whom the instruction to act originated. No third party has the right to give instructions to our employees, particularly regarding the scope of services, content or availability of samples, reports or certificates;
    • intimidation, facilitating payments, provision or receipt of gifts, hospitality or expenses are not tolerated as a way to guarantee or speed up the performance of routines or actions necessary to make contractual, arbitration or other benefits feasible;
    • no employee is authorised to maintain unsupervised contact with our clients’ counterparts prior to, during or after the course of our interventions;
    • it is prohibited for any employee, service provider and collaborator to reveal confidential business information obtained to third parties during a business partnership;
    • all of its employees and service providers sign a Confidentiality Agreement ensuring compliance with the criteria adopted by the company to guarantee the impartiality of its assessments.

Quality Policy

Control Quality maintains as its Quality Policy:

  • To commit to continuous improvement of its QMS while meeting the requirements applicable to its business;
  • To qualify the the execution of the services provided;
  • To satisfy the needs of its customers as well as the interests of its directors and senior executives with regards to its strategic directives


Our brand is one of our main reasons for pride and its history symbolises nothing less than the expectations of our principals in relation to us as a superintendence company and our commitment to the multidisciplinary nature of our activities.

When hiring our services, our principals place their trust in our competence and their hope that, under our eyes, their cargo will be characterised, handled and transported in a professional, safe and responsible manner.

At this point, our eyes become the eyes of our principals, who most of the time are miles away from the inspection site.

The magnifying glass format contextualized with the acronym “CQ” symbolises our recognition and commitment to meet the expectations of our principals and to evaluate, with amplified and dedicated visual acuity, all contractual aspects of their goods.

The red colour symbolises our intention to make history in the segment, the same red color that was perpetuated in the hulls of merchant vessels reminding the use of reddish copper paints in hulls of wooden vessels in the nineteenth century.

Gray represents a yet uncharted territory and reminds us on a daily basis that, no matter how much we have grown or how far we have come, we will always be ready for new challenges.


“Harvesting Results”

With our clients we have learned that sowing is a fundamental step in the productivity of their crops. We have learnt how to sow. Not seeds or seedlings, but commitment, dedication, resources and a lot of work. And while our customers trust us with their crops, we trust them with our results.

Affiliations, Accreditations, Certifications and Registers 

Our commitment to the impartiality and assertiveness of our results goes beyond our professional dedication. In order to guarantee the highest technical levels of our operations and to add value to our clients’ businesses, our activities are monitored, governed, evaluated and audited by independent national and international bodies throughout the year, namely:


(A) – Affiliation / (B) – Accreditation / (C) – Certification / (R) – Register

  • TIC Council (A)

  • ASCB (A)

  • CREA-SP (R)

  • CREA-PR (R)

  • CRQ-IV

  • DPC-MB (B)

  • ANEC (A)

  • FOSFA (R)

  • GAFTA (R)

  • MAPA (R)

  • SAA-SP (R)

  • ICA (A)

  • RSA (A)

  • SAL (A)

  • ISO 9001:2015 (C)

  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (B)

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